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Good Evening,

There has been no significant damage reported from todays storm. There is minor road flooding as with similar storms. Driver's are urged to use caution when approaching water on the roadways. Please check back for updates.

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Beauregard Parish Sheriff Ricky Moses would like to advise the public to be aware of “Paving Scams”. Every year, sometimes twice a year, the Sheriff’s Office is made aware of groups of scam artists that come through the area trying to take advantage of parish residents.

These “Paving Scams” typically target the elderly. The scammers will approach a resident at their home and try to sell them “left-over” asphalt. The scam usually starts with the scammer telling the resident that they have been doing a paving job in the area and that they have “left-over” asphalt that they need to get rid of. The scammer will say something to the effect of “I have enough left-over asphalt to do your driveway and I’ll make you a good deal on it.” The price quoted initially will sound very reasonable, often well below what a person would expect to pay for a paving job.

Once the resident agrees to allow the scammer to asphalt their driveway, the scammer will bring a crew in and they will begin the paving job. Residents should be aware that the work that gets done will be of low quality to begin with, and will not last very long.

The second part of the scam will be upon completion of the job, the scammer will tell the resident that the job required more asphalt than originally believed and the job will now cost much more than originally quoted. As stated earlier, the victim of these scams are elderly people. The scammer will try to intimidate the victim in to paying the greatly higher price.
Sheriff Moses would like to advise all resident s of Beauregard Parish that the Sheriff’s Office has been made aware recently that some of these scam groups have been attempting to work in Beauregard Parish. Please be cautious when entering in to any agreement with anyone that approaches you about paving your driveway.

Some key points to remember:

• These scammers will almost always be from out of state. They will have out of state license plates on their vehicles.
• They will almost always be in new vehicles and their equipment will be new or nearly new.
• As a good rule of thumb, residents should only deal with reputable businesses, most often locally owned and operated.

Sheriff Moses encourages any resident who is approached by anyone trying to sell them asphalt to immediately contact the Sheriff’s Office and a deputy will be dispatched to verify the seller is a legitimate businessperson.

The direct number to the Sheriff’s Office is (337) 463-3281.

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